Flyboyz Nieuport 17

Flyboyz Nieuport 17

28. Finished model firt time all together.
Some final finishing off, and the radio installation to do. This is the first time assembled. CG is on top main spar which is where its meant to be with no nose weight.
27. Installation
Enging installed with linkage, and beginning of radio installation. The 4 servos are throttle, rudder and one for each elevator half.
26. Undercarriage
Wheels are 1/4 scale from

Wire undercarriage bent to plan, and assembled by screwing down to a temp base, cleaned wrapped with stripped electrical wire and flooded with solder. Faced with spruce glues in place and wrapped with twine.
25. Fuselage sprayed
Coloured paints are SolarLac, with homemade numbers and snake graphic. Gun is a 1/4 scale Vickers from
24. Wings sprayed
Wings sprayed with automotive silver. A generic silver from Spraywell Paints in Bromsgrove. The whole model is fuel proofed in a Matt proofer.

Roundels are from Tim at
23. Tailplane fiixing
Plan shows the tailplane simply glued in place, but there are a lot of flight loads here, so opted to screw through and cplamp the tailplane in place.
22. Covering / Hinges
Model covered in natural Solartext, will be sprayed and fuel proofed. This detail shows the aileron hinging using the Solartex to make the live hinge.
21. Fuselage
Scrap used to infill around the fuselage to fill gaps and make sure the covering has somewhere to adhere to.
20. Wings.
The bottom wing is bolted though to the fuselage, I used these ferrels gorilla glued in place as hard points to pass the wing bolts through.

The top wing carries the aileron servos and these are fitted witht he supplied fittings in the kit.
19. Fuselage
Taking shape now. Struts not fixed yet, they will be fixed after covering.
18. Fuselage control runs
Added exit hard points for rudder and elevator control wires, Use bowden cable outer formed into an 'S' shape with a hot air gun to feed the wires through,
17. Fuselage
Front fuselage sheeting, top and both sides done as 3 sections. Gorilla glue along the egde.
16. Strut forming
Bending the rear struts very simple job, just keep everyting square.
15. Fuselage installation
Pics showing the tank floor and the servo tray mounting rails. There is no provision in the kit for installation so it all down to experience here.
14. Engine
Original engine was going to be the NGH 38 4S, but this was just too big. Opted for the NGS 25 2s but it still stuck out a bit too far. What I did was recess the engine 6mm onto a false F1.

This works well, I have the engine almost upright, and an easy run for the throttle connection, and the exhaust will exit downwards.
13. Fuselage tanks and hardware
Strut fixings and tank installation. 2 Tanks one for petrol and the other for smoke oil. Went a bit mad with the Gorilla, but is soon popped out, and cleaned the thread with a tap.
12. Wings sheeting & capping
Complete sheeting, and capping strips. This was a pain just so boring. Lost concentraion on a few so not as aligned as they could be :-).
11. Wings
Finished aileron / tip. The training edge of both wings have a run of Gorilla glue just a smal bead which expands and gives a really solid trailing edge. Started the centre section sheeting, a section at a time.
10. Ailerons
Ailerons built over plan, and offered up to the wings. As can be seen thay don't quite line up. Solution here was ti simply pack out the Aileron edge to suit, it was then temporarily fixed in place with some Solartext and sanded to tip section.
9. Top Wing
As per bottom wing - join the spars and build 2 panels over the plan and joined.
8. Bottom Wing
7. Bottom Wing
Spars joined, and the lower wing panels built over the plan. Like my magnetic builting board?
6. Tailplane
Just built over the plan.
5. Fuselage rear decking
Rear decking done in 2 halves.
4. Fuselage
3. Fuselage
2. Fuselage
Its all self jigging, very clever.
1. Kit/div>
Plans and a laser cut kit of parts, oh and a stock of sheet and strip.