Hollein kit

10. Finished model
Covered and hinged with the covering. I used the Hobbyking transparent - and to be honest it goes on the same as Profilm at a fraction of the price.
9. Wing
Outer wing panels being made, a lot easier to thread the ribs onto the carbon main spar first. Adhesive of choice is again Superphatic resin, excellent for wood to carbon..
8. Fuselage
Some dabs of lightweight filler to help blend in the tail. Finished and sanded, awaiting covering.
7. Fuselage
Removable nose sextion being held whilst drying, and the finish sanded fuaslage.
6. Wing
Colour scheme revealed. Split down the middle, half coloured and the other clear profilm.
5. Wing
My initial approach was wrong I had a difficult job of passing the main carbon spar through, so for the tips I'll be sliding the ribs on as I go.

I used Superphatic glue and its brilliant, it comes with a needle dropper making presion application a doddle.

Rear spar was much easier to slide in. Front carbon was pushed into place and glued.
4. Wing
Wasn't sure how to start the wings, or what glue to use as I'm not a fan of Cyano for building, so I propped up the training edge with 1/16 and glued the ribs into the existing slots. I'm not in a hurry so did a few and waiting until dry.

The plan is printed in colour with ply and balsa in different colours, and a full size drawing of the ribs, so identification was easy.

Aliphatic glue was used. I can now slide the carbon spars through the holes and glue with superphatic glue from deluxe materials.
3. Fuselage
First a left and right hand fusleage sides were made, and joined with the formers and wing mouting plates. I have added the triangle to F1.
2. The fit
The fit of the parts is every parts is as good as the kit.
1. The kit
The kit is excellent, and I mean excellent. each bag contains the parts for the fuselage and wing sections, the quality is sublime.